Proco Group is proud to be celebrating International Women's Day on March 8th for a third year.

This year’s #BalanceforBetter campaign is important to businesses because diversity and gender balance are key to promoting innovation within an organisation. As recruiters, we have a real responsibility to encourage clients to consider a wide range of candidates to find the right person for the job, no matter what their gender or background.

We spoke to some of our high performing female consultants and regional directors, asking them to reflect upon their personal experiences as successful women in recruitment, which is still a male-dominated industry. They have come back with some fascinating insight into the challenges that they have faced and how they have succeeded in spite of these.

I am delighted to share their inspiring advice and thoughts on how we can achieve #BalanceforBetter in the workforce. We are focused on positive outcomes at Proco and I am confident that by promoting discussion about gender balance, we can make a real difference.

  Richard Paisley
CEO – Proco Group


Our Balance


To diversify our workforce, we are supporting #BalanceforBetter

To highlight the achievements of women at Proco for International Women’s Day, we approached some of our highest performing female employees and asked them to reflect upon their experiences and accomplishments over the past year.


Diversity is a hot topic in many industries, not only in recruitment.

We are proud that women account for 58.2% of our employees, including two out of three of our regional CEOs, which helped convince Victoria (our new Global Head of Talent Acquisition) that Proco was the right company for her.



For IWD, we approached some of our senior female consultants across our global offices to ask them about their experiences in the recruitment industry.

Click here to hear what they had to say about the challenges that they have faced and what advice that they would give to other women looking to move in leadership roles.




Women in Commodities

For International Women’s Day, we approached several senior women in the commodities industry to discuss some of the barriers to women entering leadership roles and the commodities market.



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