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James Waite

The wisest member of the marketing team, James is a more sit back and watch kinda guy. Nothing is too much for him; he just takes it all in his stride and makes it look easy. Just do not ask him about his football team…It is a touchy subject.

INTERESTING FACT: He has completed five marathons – yeah annoying isn’t it?

Sophie Barnes

Our resident baker, she just loves to feed the office - it puts a big fat smile on her face. From our office in Brighton, Sophie’s creativity comes from her love of all things Disney. We know it is a strange one, but it really works – she is a ball of creative energy.

INTERESTING FACT: Sophie grew up in New Zealand but you would never be able to tell from her accent.

Colleen Burns

The baby of the marketing team - Colleen can’t tell you anything about music from the 70's & 80's but is forgiven for her love of plants, pups and gifs. Never one to turn down a biscuit she is the latest addition to the team and always ready to try something new.

INTERESTING FACT: She has a love hate relationship with eggs - don’t ask until you’ve passed your probation


The best of the bunch!